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Thursday, August 11, 2011

And it all comes together....

Sorry about the long hiatus.....Working full time and blogging is difficult!  Like I'm telling you something you don't know.  Here is the master bedroom finished....for now.  I actually just ordered some new sheets from West Elm and will update the photos when they come in.  I think they will be the "summer sheets" since they are citron and white stripes.

So to break the making of the slipcover down a bit..............

 I cut apart the old slipcover to use as a pattern to more accurately make the sides.   And many hours and much frustration later, voila!  (This is not a project for the faint at heart or those of you who think "sewing" involves an iron and stitch witchery....and you know who you are!)

This angle is so tight that it is difficult to get both the head and foot boards in the same picture!

This photo shows the sides but makes the foot board look really ill fitting.  My photography skills are going to have to improve!

What do you think?  Jeffrey says the pheasant is going to give him nightmares!  I like the pheasant, the pheasant stays.

I really love the graphic punch of the fabric of the slipcover.  I think it keeps the bedroom very modern and kind of groovy without being too retro or silly.