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Monday, June 6, 2011

I'd like to thank the academy.......

I know. So original.

But really, huge props and good will to Tanya @ Dans Le Townhouse for the Kreativ Blogger award that she hath bestowed upon me!!  I do not deserve it...but I'll take it anyway!!!  So, the rules are that you must tattle three things about yourself, so here goes!

1)  Today was the first day that I had ever heard of bubble tea and actually had a mango bubble tea and am now officially obsessed!  Thanks anyway, Sasha!  OMG...who knew?

2)  I sleep with dogs and love it more than anything.

3)  I am currently enjoying the favor of 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Welsumers living in my back yard in a castle.  For the un-chicken-educated folks, that would be chickens!!  I grew up on a farm but never took the time to get to know the chickens.....I don't think it was PC back then, anyway but they are so sweet and funny!  Of course, there was always a very mean rooster lurking about in my childhood that would have prevented my friendship with the girls, therefore.....NO BOYS IN THIS CLUBHOUSE!!!!  Only the sweet Ginger, Maryann, Betty and Wilma.  Love, love, love them!

So, thank you to Tanya, who is so incredibly talented!  I especially love her felted art !  So gorgeous!

The Cat's outta the bag and onto the front porch!

When I bought my house, I offered to take care of the feral cats that the previous owner fed on the front porch.  There are three of them...Lizard, Cammy and Big Boy...I didn't pick the names!!  They are really sweet and I love taking care of them.  We have a food and water bowl on the front porch under a bench which works fine until it rains!  Then the food bowl fills up with water....not so great.  And on top of that little fiasco, the cat food was inside a cabinet in the if we opened the door to go out and forgot to feed the crew, we had to turn around, get the food and turn around again and bring the cup back in.....Seriously, my life is way too busy for these shenanigans!!!!  I needed a solution to the water in the food bowl problem as well as one to make feeding the troop more convenient.  What to do, oh, what to do?

Here's what I came up with.  For $1, yup just one dollar, I purchased a vinyl, blue and white checked table cloth at a yard sale.  I immediately thought....hhmmmmm...this could be a water proof cover for the cat food. Slap it on a cushion, rain doesn't get through, cat food stays dry and the moocher cats are happy!   The only problem was that it looked a bit like a country picnic ho-down affair so.... I tried it on the diagonal, (better) and used some leftover white denim for the sides of the cushion (better still) and added a little orange flange for a pop of color (my front door is orange) and I think the result is kinda cute.  What do you think?

No, that is NOT one of the cats!!!  That is Max, with a terrible hair cut. :o(

On to the cat food storage problem.....On a trip to the flea market, I found a vintage diaper pail that had some really cute lines.

I painted it navy with spray paint specifically meant for plastic.  Then added stripes in a brighter blue, epoxied pieces of orange folder over the ventilation holes and voila.....instanteously convenient cat food storage that is beside the cat food cool is that?????  Very.

All in all, a big improvement to the front porch and the convenience of kitty care.  Life is good.