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Monday, June 6, 2011

I'd like to thank the academy.......

I know. So original.

But really, huge props and good will to Tanya @ Dans Le Townhouse for the Kreativ Blogger award that she hath bestowed upon me!!  I do not deserve it...but I'll take it anyway!!!  So, the rules are that you must tattle three things about yourself, so here goes!

1)  Today was the first day that I had ever heard of bubble tea and actually had a mango bubble tea and am now officially obsessed!  Thanks anyway, Sasha!  OMG...who knew?

2)  I sleep with dogs and love it more than anything.

3)  I am currently enjoying the favor of 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Welsumers living in my back yard in a castle.  For the un-chicken-educated folks, that would be chickens!!  I grew up on a farm but never took the time to get to know the chickens.....I don't think it was PC back then, anyway but they are so sweet and funny!  Of course, there was always a very mean rooster lurking about in my childhood that would have prevented my friendship with the girls, therefore.....NO BOYS IN THIS CLUBHOUSE!!!!  Only the sweet Ginger, Maryann, Betty and Wilma.  Love, love, love them!

So, thank you to Tanya, who is so incredibly talented!  I especially love her felted art !  So gorgeous!

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  1. Yay - love this post and the chance to read more about you. Cutest chicks ever. I love that you keep chickens!

    And p.s. thanks for the awesome compliments. I am blushing.