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Monday, April 18, 2011

I am definitely making progress...

And from the discontent of man the world's best progress springs.
- Ella Wheeler Cox

The master bedroom is finished!  T'is  a long tale, this bedroom.  One that starts with a bed and some beloved fabric.  My very good friend, Theresa, gifted us our bed, the Ikea Floro.  It comes with a solid, dark taupe cotton duck canvas slipcover.  In our apartment, I made draperies from an Ikea fabric that I really, really love.  In my house, I didn't need the draperies but still wanted to use the fabric so I decided to make a new slipcover for our bed using the fabric.  Here is a photo of the fabric as draperies in our old apartment-

Very graphic, bold pattern of black, charcoal, chocolate and a gold-y chartreuse on a white background.  Now remember, we're just looking at the draperies!

This is the bed from Ikea-

Because of the nature of the print on the fabric, I had to consider how the slipcover would be constructed.  I decided that the print was too large to have it on the "bed skirt" of the slipcover....that it would get lost and wouldn't make sense.  So if I didn't put it on the bed skirt portion, then would it look disconnected from the head and foot boards?  I finally decided, after much thought and "drawing"(in my mind) of bubble diagrams, that I would run the print up the head and foot boards only and use white canvas duck on the skirt.  Since the width of the fabric was not sufficient to cover the width of the head and foot boards AND the fabric was directional so I couldn't just "turn" it on its side, I had to come up with a way to make it wide enough and still look intentional while also pleasing to the eye.  So I centered the fabric on the head and foot boards and used the white duck to extend it to cover the width and added black welting between to aid the transition.

A close up of the transition- and a tiny hint of the finished project!

More later!!  Thanks for stopping by!


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