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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.....

So I propped the Draperesque mirrors against the wall on either side of our bed to see how they looked.  Fabulous except now they totally dwarf our vintage Paul McCobb night stands....

As you can see, the slipcover for the bed was not finished in this picture.  Also, the white spot on the left side of the frame is the area that was melted when I purchased these mirrors.  I used a product called KwikPlastik to repair that area.  It is available at Home Depot.   The repair is not perfect but you wouldn't notice unless you were being icky-picky.

OK, so now that I had the seven two dwarves for night tables....what to do?  I decided to put the two Paul McCobb night tables together on one side of the bed.  Making them one wider night table would balance the mirror better.  A piece of glass on top to "marry" them, some cool fabric from Ikea under the glass and voila....a perfectly proportioned night table under said fabulous mirror!  

But then, what to do on the side left "unattended"?

At first, I considered buying something new, possibly from Ikea since I am in love with Ikea and the price is right.......really, everything is right about Ikea......did I say I love Ikea....IloveIkea!  One of the possible candidates from Ikea was the Edland shown below.

But, then, I remembered that I have a zero dollars budget and really didn't need any new furniture.  I went shopping in my house instead.  And found this...... my foyer, (please, excuse the mess and the darkness), a little cabinet that I purchased years ago from called the "Snappy Red Cabinet", we'll call her "SRC".  SRC is no longer available but I still really love her.  Obviously; however, she (mainly her R portion) was not going to work well in the master bedroom so I decided to perform a little makeover magic.

First, the loopy trim across the bottom needed to go.  Here is a photo of SRC with the trim in place.

OK, so I almost forgot to take a before really is hard to remember when you're all involved and working hard!  Luckily for me, it was a separate piece so it was easy to remove it. Bang! Yank! gone.

Here's what she looked like without the curvy trim.  She's much cleaner and with some open space at the bottom, she's less weighty in the room.  I just think her proportions are better as well. (Sorry, old girl.)

After sanding and priming, I painted SRC and now she is the SGC...the sedate grey cabinet. 

And to make me happy, I papered the inside of the drawers and the cabinet with this beautiful peacock feather paper from Paper Mojo.  You don't see it when it is closed but it's just one of those details that make me happy every time I open the doors.  I think every one should treat themselves to a beautifully lined cabinet and all it takes is some beautiful paper and a can of Super 77!

SRC did not have a shelf below so I added one during my little makeover.  It completely makes the storage so much more usable.  I also drilled a hole through the back so that I could feed my laptop's power cord into the cabinet for charging.  Now, my laptop charges while it is out of sight.....and I can pretend that I live in a magazine where mundane items like computers are not on display.  My world is a happy world.

Yes, that is my trusty back scratcher that must stay within arm's distance at all times!

What do you think?  I really like mismatched bedside about you?  Are you a "like them to match each other" gal or a "give me some variety" kind of girl?


  1. Great makeover! I love the mismatched tables even thought mine match. I think you really made it work. And that green frame is amazing. I'm new to your blog and so far, I'm loving it!!!

  2. This is amazing!! Looks great and that inside makes me happy too!!! I'll be back for more!!

  3. Hi Melissa,

    The nightstands that you show in this picture were manufactured by Winchendon Furniture but were not designed by Paul McCobb. They are from a line of furniture called Multiplex designed by Martin Feinman for Modernage circa 1947-1949.


    Jonathan Goldstein